Aram Group Profile
 انطلاق حملة لنغسل التعب عن بردى
 بردى..مـا الخلـد الـذي وعــدوا بــه إلاّك!
Aram Group Profile

About Us:
Aram Group has been founded at July 2005 as a Media services operating in Syria, in 2008 Aram group became a journalism organization that commitment to professional in-depth reporting. Aram produced many social and economical investigations and systematic research. Also provided professional media consulting and planning media campaigns.
Aram Group has its own Journalists who work together to develop and implement information distribution for the benefit of Syrian communities.

The Team

Rama Najmeh a Founder Member. She is a professional journalist, Graduated From Journalism Faculty at 2001, and got another bachelor in dramatic studies from Higher institute for theatrical. she has a wide experience through working with many different Local newspapers and magazines, She believes that writing great words and even great Ideas won’t be enough to have a major change in public opinions, only the truth is the main element of changing.

Maurice Aaek: a Founder Member. Maurice has a bachelor's degree in Media Studies and a diploma in Education from the University of Damascus.. Maurice contributes to a number of national publications, magazines and online newspapers. In recent years, Aaek’s interests have focused on online media and social media. he has started his work in training courses as a freelance trainer with BBC Media action in (Libya, Tunisia, Algeria). and now he is Training Journalists in Social Media, Online Journalism, and Basic Journalism Skills.

Wael Qadour, joined the group in May 2006..Wael has extensive experience working at TRUST organization for 3 years. Wael has tow published plays: “The Virus”, Damascus 2008 and Cairo 2009 (The second prize in Mouhamad Taymour theatre writing contest).-“Out of control”, Beirut 2010. 



"تقترب أسعار الشقق في المالكي والمزة، من أسعار نظيراتها في باريس ولندن، ويبلغ سعر الشقة نحو 90 مليون ليرة سورية.!"

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"مسَجلي..اعملي مس كول...بشوفك على الماسنجر...لازم يكون في بينا كونتاكت...ابعتلي ايميل.."
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أيها المواطن الشاب المتسكع مساءً في الغساني والشعلان، وأنت أيها المواطن المنتظر صباحاً لفرصة عمل كعامل مياوم، أنت المواطن الذي تقف أربع ساعات على أبواب السفارات،
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